About CCNC

Our company was founded in 1997 in order to supply the demanding steel wire market in the economically growing regions across Cambodia. The continual economic growth in the last two decades has led the construction industry to grow across all sectors, both private and public, which has contributed to the development of the nation’s infrastructure such as bridges, roads, schools, hospital, etc. With this growing demand, our company leadership has decided to bring in new advanced technological products called “Reinforce Mesh” or “BRC” so that the market demand is met and that we can be a part of the development by promoting correct product usage, leading to less spending for clients: government’s projects and private investors.

Our Team

CNCC values quality and customer satisfaction. Our team consists of qualified and knowledgeable professionals in various departments which are very well structured. Each member is highly experienced in their own respective fields, who are very passionate about ensuring the best product quality, especially our engineers who thoroughly assess product quality to ensure that it is long-lasting. Collectively, our team delivers both high quality products to meet our various needs of our valuable customers and exceptional customer service. Each one is dedicated to bring forth customer satisfaction, starting from those in management to those in operation. Delivering to you with the best of the best is what we do.


To be the most trusted and leading steel company that creates and provides the most up-to-date technological steel products that exceed your every needs.


We produce and supply the best quality steel products with exceptional customer service to our customers that meet their needs in various constructions, which contributes to the sustainable and long-term development of the country.

Core Values: SPIRIT

Satisfaction:Our customers’ satisfaction with both our products and our service is our goal. We aim to bring products that meet your needs, if not surpass, and service is fast and smooth.
Professionalism:Our team across all departments is committed to go an extra mile to deliver our customers with the best service possible.
Integrity:We hold great pride in gaining our customers’ trust in our products as we sell to you what is best, and being honest is what we do.
Reliability:Not only are our products of good quality, but our service promised to be provided is reliable as our team is committed to fulfill the responsibility to our customers.
Innovation:We aspire to create innovative products that ensure the best quality for your construction while keeping it cost-effective.
Teamwork: Our team works together as one from management to operation with respect and loyalty.

Building Trust & Possibilities